You will find herein the best games to play during your free time on your own or with your precious family and friends.
Play on your mobile or tablet and simply sync your progress. Gemmob games are easy to pick up, but hard to put down! So get ready to have fun and shoo all stress away!

Mobile Game Development

We develop games  for both casual and mid-core gamers. Our games are designed to hook players in and encourage them to come back day after day to challenge themselves and complete the games. Our games also allow players to switch seamlessly between devices and platforms and continue their game wherever they left off, so they can play anywhere, any time and on any device, bringing them the best leisure time in their daily life.

Freemium Game Development

We make our games available for free, while players can purchase virtual items priced relative to the entertainment value they provide. We embed social features in our games that enhance the player experience.

Various genres of games

We design and build mobile games in several categories including shoot ’em up, hack ‘n slash platformer,  puzzle and casual with elements of RPG and adventure.


Overdrive – Ninja Shadow Revenge

As a combination hack n slash and action platformer game, Overdrive – Ninja Shadow Revenge shows you many available weapons, including swords, buster swords, spears, twin daggers… with unique built-in combos.

Starting from the Dark Forest, you will face dangerous enemies and traps. In the fight, use your skill to avoid attack and make extraordinary combos.

Sword Man – Monster Hunter

Sword Man – Monster Hunter is the most addictive 2D side-scrolling RPG filled with collecting various powerful swords through dungeons such as: Bazeguard, Draughtbane, Katana, Ghostwalker,… and more!


Find out what our precious users think about our games.

“This game helps me think faster.”


Google user

“Love it! A game that has a lot to keep you busy. Great graphics, smooth gameplay, player friendly. And the developers actually answer to your questions and are very helpful. New modes added made it even better. Thank you devs!”

Maria Goula

Google user

“I think it is excellent because, I do really enjoyed to see these kind new armored ninjas which had that kind of abilities and also the comic introduction that is a idea to catch the player’s attention. It makes me want to continue to end of this story of action.”

Google user

“The art style is cute. I love the way it just blends in all these interesting ideas into a repetitive hack and slash. The controls are great, sweet and simple. Overall a good game.”

Jon-Mark Jacobitz

Google user

“Despite of all the random glitches like your charge attack not working correctly, this is still a pretty decent game. And once you see the story in the bottom here you already know that this game is going to rock. I hope their are future updates that also fixes the many glitches of this game. And also,I’ve already upgraded and collected all of the characters so it’s unfair that I can’t get some of the achievements. And very important, more characters and story!!!”

Prince Nwegbu

Google user


Find all the latest news about Gemmob Studio and our games

Swordman: Reforged new update is here. Passives now available!

It’s time for another update! We held a livestream introducing Swordman: Reforged some time ago, where we let you take a look at the new UI for characters and showed you a trick on how to do double jump for you to use while you wait for a game function for that to be...


A new update for Swordman: Reforged is out with a brand new feature you have been anticipating – the pet system! Who is ready to have a new cute companion with you on your adventure? We know we are! You can farm pet parts in the Story mode and you can get a pet...

Get ready for Swordman: Reforged!

A brand new version of Swordman is out! Swordman: Reforged will take all that you love about the original version to a whole new level while bringing in new assets for a fresh gameplay experience. Continue to find out what’s in store for you in Swordman: Reforged!...


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We believe that mobile games are a good source of entertainment for everyone and our company is built on creating challenging but fun and rewarding games for all people to play wherever they are, bringing them the best leisure time in their daily life.

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