It’s time for another update!

We held a livestream introducing Swordman: Reforged some time ago, where we let you take a look at the new UI for characters and showed you a trick on how to do double jump for you to use while you wait for a game function for that to be available. Now that you have (probably) taken a peek at the ‘Coming soon’ passive section and given a hint on what one of our brand new set of passives – made just for Reforged version, will give you, did it spark your curiosity?

The wait is over. We are glad to announce that the character passive and sword passive feature is finally added in our new Swordman: Reforged update!

A weapon can be equipped with up to 3 passives, which are shown in the stats board next to it

Each character and each sword goes with a passive, buy one and you can start using its passive after upgrading it to level 2. You can use a character’s passive for another character as well, same goes for swords.

Character passive

Each of the passives contains different stats and offers you an exclusive attack such as double jump, using ice or fire in your attack, and more. Well, we can only give you so much information, it’s no fun if you don’t find out more yourself right ?? You can buy characters and craft swords using coins or gems.

Get the latest update and enjoy this new feature here: