A new update for Swordman: Reforged is out with a brand new feature you have been anticipating – the pet system! Who is ready to have a new cute companion with you on your adventure? We know we are!

You can farm pet parts in the Story mode and you can get a pet randomly. As you keep playing, you will collect parts of pets by opening chests so make sure not to miss any of those. Collect all 30 parts of each pet, and voilà! Your pet will come into being. It sure sounds like lots of effort (and time), but seeing your hard works bear fruit will definitely be well worth the wait.

From then on you will have a partner who joins you in every battle. You can also watch them grow before your eyes and acquire new power. Just like raising a normal pet, you might want to spend on it. You can use coins to have them upgraded to level 8 as the highest level.

There are 3 pets available:

Evony the Dragon

A legendary creature from folklores, now coming to your beloved game!

Anibony the Ice Bird

A majestic blue bird born from ice.

Crichony the Cat

Purrfect for cat people!

Get the update and gain an adorable friend and “partner in crime” for your journey here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.swordman.reforged