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Monster Strike: Revenge of Space Defenders

Shouting out to challenge – loving gamers: Let’sget rid of any life pressure with this game! Monster Strike: Revenge of Space Defenders is a shoot em up game with new features. Love blowing evil monsters up? If absolutely YES, Monster Strike is a right choice. Our...

Overdrive – Ninja Shadow Revenge

In the future, a strong, outstanding species is created from the combination of humans, technology and black metal. The government names them “shadow cyborg”, and allows every sector to have their own shadow security force (S.E.F), but all of theme have to be...

Sword Man – Monster Hunter

Sword Man - Monster Hunter offers you a world of powerful swords collectible through multiple dungeons. Join more than 1 million players to explore this marvelous world! And here you are…: #EXCITING GAMEPLAY AND IMMERSIVE CONTENT Role in a Bounty Hunter, fight against...

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